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Antenatal Classes

West Auckland Parents Centre offer a comprehensive childbirth education course to help you and your partner prepare for having a baby.

Our Weekend or 6 week evening (and 1x Saturday) childbirth education course is taught by a qualified Childbirth Educator, so you can be sure of receiving all the information you’ll need to help you understand pregnancy, labour and birth. We limit the numbers on each course to ensure good educator to participant ratios so early booking is recommended.  

We recommend you enrol in a course so that you finish between 2-4 weeks before your due date. 

2021-2022 Course schedule:

  • Saturday & Sunday, 22nd & 23rd January, 9am to 4pm (due March)
  • Tuesdays & 1x Saturday 19th Feb, 25th January - 1st March, 7pm to 9pm (due April)
  • Thursdays & 1x Saturday 19th Mar, 24th February - 31st March, 7pm to 9pm (due May)
  • Tuesdays & 1x Saturday 9th Apr, 22nd March - 26th April, 7pm to 9pm (due June)
  • Thursdays & 1x Saturday 14th May, 21st April - 26th May, 7pm to 9pm (due July)
  • Tuesdays & 1 Saturday 11th June, 17th May - 21st June, 7pm to 9pm (due Aug)
  • Thursdays & 1x Saturday 9th July, 16th June - 21 July, 7pm to 9pm (due Sept)
  • Tuesdays & 1 Saturday  6th Aug, 12th July - 16th August, 7pm to 9pm (due late Sept/Oct)
  • Thursdays & 1 Saturday 3rd Sept, 11th August - 15th September, 7pm to 9pm (due late Oct/Nov)
  • Tuesdays & 1 Saturday 1st Oct, 6th September - 11th October, 7pm to 9pm (due late Nov/Dec)
  • Thursdays & 1 Saturday 29th Oct, 6th October - 10th November, 7pm to 9pm (due late Dec/Jan)
  • Tuesdays & 1 Saturday 19th Nov, 1st November - 6th December, 7pm to 9pm (due late Jan/Feb)
  • Saturday & Sunday, 26th & 27th November, 9am to 4pm (due Jan)

The Childbirth Education course covers:

  • Foetal positioning, pregnancy and pelvis anatomy plus their role in labour and birth
  • Signs and stages of labour
  • Self-help pain relief options
  • Medical pain relief, obstetric interventions and their alternatives
  • The birth process
  • Making an informed decision on Vitamin K and vaccinations
  • Breastfeeding and new-born care
  • The postnatal period and postnatal emotions
  • Support during labour and birth and support in the community
  • A Saturday morning session covering Practical Parenting issues such as bedding, bathing, winding, nappies and clothing.
  • A visit to the Plunket Family Centre

Our Childbirth Education package includes:

  • 6 week evening childbirth education course, including practical parenting topics
  • Placement in coffee group
  • Postnatal support opportunities
  • Membership to West Auckland Parents Centre & our national body, Parents Centre New Zealand
  • Big discounts on our parent education courses.
  • Subscription to our national magazine, KiwiParent

In order for you to maximise the benefits of your membership (discounts etc.) your WAPC membership will commence from the start date of your antenatal course. If you want to start you membership early please let us know and we can organise this for you.

Location: Our classes are usually at Kelston Community Centre on the corner of Great North Road and Awaroa Road. This can occasionally change but you will be advised at the time of booking.


COST $245.00


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