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Antenatal and Baby & You Package

This package includes: Antenatal and Baby & you classes

Course location: The Crossing Community Centre, Kaurilands Centre, 30-44 Kaurilands Rd, Titirangi (Please note: courses schedule for a weekend will be held at the Te Atatu Peninsula Community Centre) 

Course Schedule: Our courses are held on a Tues or Thurs night once a week (and 1x Saturday from 9am to 12pm) from 7pm to 9pm for 6 weeks, on a Saturday from 9am to 5pm (2nd session runs 9am to 12pm) for 3 weeks, or over a weekend. It is best to complete your course at least 4 weeks before your due date.

We offer a comprehensive Antenatal classes to help you and your partner prepare for having a baby.

Our courses are taught by a qualified Childbirth Educator, so you can be sure of receiving all the information you’ll need to help you understand pregnancy, labour and birth. We limit the numbers on each course to ensure good educator to participant ratios so early booking is recommended.  

Topics covered in the course include:

  • Foetal positioning, pregnancy and pelvis anatomy plus their role in labour and birth
  • Signs and stages of labour
  • Self-help pain relief options
  • Medical pain relief, obstetric interventions and their alternatives
  • The birth process
  • Making an informed decision on Vitamin K and vaccinations
  • Breastfeeding and new-born care
  • The postnatal period and postnatal emotions
  • Support during labour and birth and support in the community
  • A Saturday morning session covering Practical Parenting issues such as bedding, bathing, winding, nappies and clothing.
  • A visit to the Plunket Family Centre

Baby & You

Your beautiful baby has arrived, and you have some questions?  Our Baby and You programme is jam packed with information and opportunities to ask questions, in a relaxed coffee group setting with your baby.

This 3 session programme delivered by a skilled & qualified facilitator and are run one day a week from 10-12pm for 3 weeks @ The Crossing Community Centre, Kaurilands Centre, 30-44 Kaurilands Road, Titirangi

Topics covered include:

  • Feeding
  • Sleeping
  • Settling baby
  • Lifestyle changes and looking after yourself
  • Brain and physical development
  • Social and emotional development

There is a change table for your baby, morning tea for you, and plenty of room to park your buggy or capsule.  Dads, Partners, Grandparents, aunties/uncles or any support people are most welcome to come too.



COST $280.00


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